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Crazy Delicious Spring Rolls

Crazy delicious spring rolls is another relatively quick and easy recipe that pairs amazingly with Loco Avocado. Like many Live Life Loco recipes, there are many permutations you can make to this recipe to fulfill your dietary needs whether it be vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, Whole 30, etc...

However this version is one of my favorites using mango jalapeño meatballs. As I've told numerous farmers market attendees, it's one of the few times I went running for the Loco Avocado Smooth and Mild as the meatballs pack a spicy punch!

Live Life Loco Tip: Quite often with this recipe, I have leftover vermicelli and cucumber "sticks". Planned well, these leftovers can be used later in the week for additional meals.


What you need

  • Four Aidells mango jalapeño chicken meatballs 
  • 2 Rice spring roll wrappers (I like 22cm size)
  • Rice vermicelli
  • Shredded carrot sticks
  • Pickling cucumber
  • Spring mix
  • Loco Avocado

Alternatives to meatballs:

  • Cooked shrimp
  • Pineapple and mango
  • Buffalo chicken 

What you do

  1. Boil the rice vermicelli according to the directions on the package. Drain the noodles when complete and set aside. Note that I estimate what I think I'll use over the next week rather than cook the entire package.
  2. Warm meatballs according to their directions. Ideally you want the meatballs to finish warming when all the other ingredients are ready. I have always microwaved the meatballs, but in case you do not, I wanted to pass along this timing tip.
  3. Cut off the ends of the cucumber. Then slice the cucumber in half length-wise. Using a spoon, scrap the seeds out. Next slice the cucumber into thin sticks much like the shredded carrot sticks.
  4. Fill a tall wide-mouth cup or container will lukewarm water.
  5. Gently roll 1 uncooked rice paper wrapper so that's its small enough to fit into the wide-mouth opening. Insert the wrapper into the lukewarm water and then rotate it so that entire wrapper absorbs the water. This should only take a few seconds.
  6. Lay the prepped rice paper wrapper on a dish large enough to fit the entire wrapper on it.
  7. Slice two meatballs in half and lay in a row across the middle of the rice paper wrapper.
  8. Top the meatballs with 4-6 cucumber stickers and 4-6 carrot sticks. Note that if the sticks are short, I'll use more so that there is a layer of each across the spring roll.
  9. Grab and tear off a bunch of noodles that also run the length of the four meatballs lined up. I generally try for a thickness of my crossed fingers. Lay the noodles on top of the carrot/cucumber sticks.
  10. Take 6-12 spring mix leaves and arrange them flat on top of the noodles.
  11. Roll your spring roll. The trick here is to go slow and gentle. Start in the middle and try to get a tight wrap around all the contents. By rolling gently, you will not tear the wrapper. You should also be able to compact the inside contents tightly by getting up and underneath the meatballs.
  12. Once the middle is snug, fold the edges of the wrapper closed so that the contents do not spill out.
  13. Continue to roll the closed spring roll over the remaining free-end of the wrapper.
  14. Repeat steps 5-13 for the second spring roll. Note the the first time I rolled a spring roll, it took me a few minutes. With practice, I've been able to do it under a minute.
  15. Serve on plate. Dip in or spoon on Loco Avocado and feast. Nom nom nom...


Please note that some of the prep can be done while the vermicelli noodles and meatballs are cooking.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Number of Servings: 2

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