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Loco Avocado is a crazy delicious line of fun, flavorful foods that make people happy. We offer artisan-crafted, fresh ingredient dips and sauces that deliver a creamy delicious homemade taste. From our family to yours.
Loco Avocado is made in small, hand-crafted batches using premium, fresh ingredients. This homemade process ensures crazy, mouth-tingling deliciousness to your tastebuds. Unlike many other avocado dips/spreads, Loco Avocado's primary ingredient is avocados. Loco Avocado only uses all natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Loco Avocado is similar to guacamole in that avocados are the primary ingredient. It also comes in different spice varieties. Unlike guacamole, Loco Avocado does not brown, so it can be enjoyed days after opening - if it lasts that long!
In our initial testing, we found our largest demand was for Mild, Medium, and Almost Hot. However we continually investigate market demand for other varieties. Use the form at the bottom of the page to make a suggestion.

In the meantime, we value your ideas and want to include you in product development. So watch for and try our Limited Edition products. These products introduce new concepts to test market acceptance. We need you to try these items and give us feedback to make them a reality!
Loco Avocado must be refrigerated. While Loco Avocado is dairy free, it is also free of preservatives that inhibit mold. Though we appreciate cuddling with our fuzzy, four-legged friends, we don’t share that same sentiment with fuzzy green stuff.
Loco Avocado has been labeled with the Best By date. As a general rule, enjoy Loco Avocado within 7-10 days after opening.
Yes, but Loco Avocado is best served refrigerated. If you freeze Loco Avocado, you may find the ingredients separate after thawing out. Mix Loco Avocado with a spoon.
Loco Avocado does not turn brown like a traditional avocado turns brown when exposed to air.
Loco Avocado is versatile--more than just a tasty chip dip! Add Loco Avocado to a variety of foods to make a flavorful and healthful dishes!
  • Dip chips or veggies in Loco Avocado
  • Spread Loco Avocado on sandwiches
  • Mix it up in a salad
  • Use as a finishing sauce for grilled chicken, pork or beef
  • Intensify eggs, tacos & enchiladas with Loco Avocado
Visit our recipe blog!
Do you have a new use? Upload a photo and tag us at #loco.avocado on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page!
Loco Avocado is a fresh product that needs to stay refrigerated. We continue to explore the feasibility of shipping as it is an option we wish to offer.
We love the idea of gifts! Email us at so that we can determine how to best fulfill your gift idea.
We will be investigating gift certificate/gift card options in the future.
Email us at We look forward to talking to you.
You can purchase Loco Avocado at the following Farmers Markets:
Downtown Buda Farmers Market
308 S. Main Street
Buda, TX 78610
Email us at Please put your order number in the subject line.

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