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How It All Began

Brian Ozimek, owner of Loco Avocado, hiking in mountains & eating birthday cakeHey! I’m Brian, the culinary tinkerer/entrepreneur behind Loco Avocado. My culinary exploits began when I was young, making pancake mixes from scratch. By mom’s side, I learned the importance of fresh ingredients, eliminating preservatives and replacing bad fats with good fats.

I also learned that my genetics made me a cholesterol factory. However I LOVE delicious food. Healthy eating and delicious food - quite often, it seemed a choice of one or the other.

What I failed to completely appreciate until I was older, my parents cooking is genuinely delicious. These experiences taught me:
  • Ingredient-conscious cooking is essential in a healthy lifestyle
  • Genuinely amazing food is a true delight in life
  • Combining the two isn't impossible
  • To keep enjoying ingredient-conscious, amazing food, I had to pick up my parents home cooking legacy.



Something like Guacamole...
Without Tomatoes, Cilantro, or Onions

Culinary Curveball

Brian Ozimek, owner of Loco Avocado, making pizzaAfter I became a stay-at-home dad, I turned my culinary tinkering up a notch. What I didn’t expect was the culinary curveball my wife threw at me.

Have you ever had to cook something you knew you wouldn’t like? Avocados were kryptonite me. Much like when Superman nears his green Achilles heel, the avocado's taste and texture left me unable to function.

However, my wife requested something like guacamole… without tomatoes… or cilantro… or too much onion. Anyone else thinking “So… you want mashed avocados?”

In the spirit of happy wife, happy life, I started tinkering and made two astonishing discoveries:

  • First after a lifetime of aversion, I realized I really liked avocados. They say tastebuds change. Seriously—mind blown.
  • Second was Loco Avocado.
By combining heart healthy avocados with tomatillos, jalapeño & serrano peppers, I developed the perfect balance of creamy meeting spicy, flavorful and fresh. Put simply—it’s ridiculously delicious!



Get Togethers, Parties, & Potlucks

Now you can enjoy Loco Avocado too!

I immediately realized Loco Avocado was special and started to bring it everywhere - get togethers, parties, potlucks. I learned other people were crazy about Loco Avocado, too. One friend claimed he’d eat it on a donut! That comment sparked business dreams, so I started down a new path as an entrepreneur to prove you don't have to compromise between health conscious ingredients and genuinely amazing flavor.

So now here at Loco Avocado, we’re making your family meals easier, healthier and crazy delicious. Our dips/sauces work perfectly in recipes to enhance flavor rather than replace it. With food you’ll find in your own kitchen, we only include the highest quality REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS. We’re proud to use recipes that don't include preservatives.

Crazy Delicious


From breakfast tacos to carnitas, salads to sandwiches, mac-n-cheese to enchiladas, pasta to spring rolls, roasted vegetables to grilled fish...

— you get the idea.

Inspiration for any occasion, find recipes for:

  • Mealtime - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks
  • Audience - Kids, Adults, Gluten free, Vegan
  • Events - Ladies Night, Poker Night, Game Time, Party Time, Holiday Parties, Super Bowl
  • Kitchen Expertise - Quick & Easy, Quick But Busy, Timely But Worth It, Time Well Spent

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